Early Season Fly Fishing Tasmania

August 22, 2021

Hear more about the early season success fly fishing for trout in Tasmania's Highland Lakes.

With the trout fly fishing season being open for almost a month now, we have been out fly fishing regularly, exploring many of the lakes in the Central Highlands area.

Early season fly fishing in Tasmania can be challenging given the sometimes adverse weather conditions experienced over winter at higher altitude locations, however the fly fishing rewards are worthwhile with some fantastic opportunities to catch trout.

After the completion of their spawning run between April - July the trout begin to feed aggressively on a range of food sources in order to regain condition lost over the spawning season. Galaxia, tadpoles, snails and scud are at the top of the list and the trout hunt these with vigor.

With this in mind, there are some exciting fly fishing prospects that greet fly fishing enthusiasts coming to Tasmania. Particular highlights include sight fly fishing to trout 'tailing' in shallow water or drifting across shallow weedbeds and watching trout emerge to intercept your fly.

We are certain you will enjoy this time of the year fly fishing in Tasmania and look forward to making your fly fishing dreams a reality!

Early Season Fly Fishing Tasmania

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