Fly Fishing at Bronte Lagoon in Tasmania‍

Bronte Lagoon is a great fly fishing in Tasmania spot, often sheltered from harsher conditions in the highlands - learn more about it in our location overview.

Bronte Lagoon, located at the geographical centre of Tasmania, is a gem for fly fishing enthusiasts. About half an hour from Miena, a prime trout fishing locale, Bronte Lagoon offers a unique fishing experience.

The lagoon is part of a system that includes Brady’s Lake, Lake Binney, and Tungatinah Lagoon, created in the mid-1950s to supply the Tungatinah power station. Today, Bronte Lagoon stands out as a premier fishery, offering well-conditioned trout to both fly and lure anglers.

Matt shares, "The Bronte area, with its several lakes, is a frequent highlight on our tours. The slightly lower elevation of these lakes provides a beneficial difference compared to those situated higher in the highlands, which are more exposed, making it an ideal spot for fishing tours."

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Key Attractions for Fly Fishers

Protected Waters: Bronte Lagoon is dedicated to artificial lures and fly-fishing, ensuring a pure experience for enthusiasts.

Rich Trout Population: Home to healthy populations of brown and rainbow trout, with individuals averaging between two and three pounds, offering rewarding catches.

Polaroiding Opportunities: Exceptional conditions for polaroiding, with tailing fish visible at dawn and dusk, adding an exciting visual element to the fishing experience.

Seasonal Hatches: The summer months witness vibrant hatches of duns and beetles, providing ample sport and engagement for fly fishers in pursuit of active trout.

Species To Catch

  • Brown Trout
  • Rainbow Trout

Prime Seasons for Target Species

The fishing season at Bronte Lagoon runs from August to April, with great opportunities throughout the season. Early season months offer a range of wet fly fishing options, with fish often found foraging close in the grassy, weed lined banks. Loch style fishing with a team of wet flies will also produce some great bags of fish. As the weather warms, hatches of beetles, mayflies, damsel flies and other terrestrial insects provides some of the best dry fly fishing of the season, with trout rising freely throughout the day.

Characteristics of Bronte Lagoon’s Waters

Bronte Lagoon's waters are managed as a Premium Wild Trout Fishery, with natural recruitment of brown and rainbow trout maintaining the quality of angling. The lagoon's environment supports a diverse aquatic ecosystem, making it an excellent location for fly fishing.

Getting There & Exploring Bronte Lagoon

By Road: Reachable approximately two hours northwest of Hobart via the A10, offering a straightforward journey to this tranquil destination.

Shore Access: Informal lakeshore camping is allowed on the western shore near the boat ramp, providing direct access to the water's edge for anglers and nature enthusiasts. Note that no facilities are available, so visitors should come prepared.

Boat Fishing: A formal boat ramp on the western shore facilitates easy launching for those eager to explore Bronte Lagoon's waters from a boat.

Additionally, there's a casual launch spot near the Bronte Canal's entry point, though it might not be accessible during periods of low water levels. It's important to steer clear of restricted navigation zones in Woodwards Canal, specifically within 60 metres of the spillway and the Clarence pipeline outlet. Boaters are encouraged to adopt eco-friendly practices by gently accelerating in shallow waters to prevent propeller jets from churning up sediment. This action helps to keep the water clear, protect delicate aquatic vegetation, and preserve the habitat for fish.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Monitor your boat's wash: clear wash indicates safe speeds, while muddy wash suggests the need to slow down.
  • Boating within 100 metres of a shore-based angler is not allowed unless your boat is anchored.
  • Ensure not to block or hinder access to boat ramps with your vehicle or trailer.


Wrapping Up

Bronte Lagoon stands out as a premier destination for fly fishers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With its accessible location, rich trout population, and diverse fishing opportunities, it offers a unique blend of natural beauty and angling excellence. Whether you're casting from the shore at dawn, trolling with cobra style lures, or camping along its peaceful banks, Bronte Lagoon promises a memorable experience for all who visit.

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