Common questions about trout fishing in tasmania

Discover answers to your frequently asked questions about our trout fly fishing packages in Hobart and across Tasmania.

What’s unique about Trout Tales Tasmania?

Trout Tales Tasmania provides single and multi-day fly fishing tours around Tasmania, with our guides sharing over 50 years of experience fly fishing in Tasmania.

With Trout Tales owner and guide Matt being a qualified chef, gourmet Tasmanian cuisine is incorporated into all our packages. We also work with local accommodation providers to develop all-inclusive fly fishing packages.

Who's behind Trout Tales Tasmania?

Trout Tales  is run by passionate fly fisher and proud Tasmanian, Matt Stone.

"For over fifteen years I’ve developed my passion for fly fishing, wild trout and for the amazing places experienced in Tasmania along the way. After many years of early morning starts, long days on the water and endless lessons learned from unforgiving trout - I have accumulated a deep knowledge of fly fishing and respect for how Tasmania is truly a special place to experience."

Learn more about Matt and our story at the About Trout Tales page.

What fly fishing gear do I need to trout fish in Tasmania?

With the diversity of Tasmania’s trout fishery, there are a few essential pieces of equipment needed to maximise your chances of success when fly fishing in Tasmania.

Generally 5-6wt rods are suitable, along with floating and sinking fly lines, a range of dry and wet flies and other equipment such as a good pair of waders and polarized sunglasses for spotting trout.

If you're interested in learning more about some of the ins and outs of trout fly fishing across Tasmania, check out the Trout Tales blog.

What season is best for trout fishing in Tasmania?

Tasmania’s main trout fishing season runs from the first weekend in August to the last weekend in April. During this time, most trout fishing waters are open and good numbers of trout can be caught using a variety of techniques to suit the time of the year and conditions on the day.

Learn more at our dedicated blog post to Tasmania's trout fly fishing season.

What's included in the trout fishing packages?

When booking your Tasmanian trout fly fishing tour with Trout Tales, we provide:

  • Transport to and from Hobart;
  • Fly fishing equipment and angling gear;
  • Local Tasmanian cuisine and beverages;
  • Your own personal, fully accredited fly fishing Guide and qualified chef.

If you have any additional requirements, feel free to get in touch with Matt at any time.

What do I need to bring on my trout fly fishing tour?

Here are some handy items and attitudes to bring along to your trip with Trout Tales Tasmania:

  • A desire to experience the Tasmanian wilderness;
  • A current Tasmanian angling license (can be arranged on the day);
  • Personal fly-fishing equipment (optional);
  • Warm clothes, hat and polarised sunglasses.

Learn more about what to bring and what's provided on our Tasmanian trout fly fishing packages page.

What’s unique about trout fishing in Tasmania?

Tasmania presents the perfect place for fly fishing – with the rare opportunity to be completely immersed in pristine wild landscapes only a short distance from our cities. Many of these stunning locations are home to world-class fly fishing opportunities.

The diversity of Tasmania’s trout fisheries is phenomenal, with lakes, lagoons, tarns, rivers and streams all holding large populations of wild trout.

If you're interested in learning more, check out our dedicated page to trout fishing in Tasmania including popular locations, season information and handy tips from Trout Tales owner and guide Matt.

What’s the best way to experience trout fishing in Tasmania?

Booking an experienced and accredited guide such as Trout Tales, can greatly increase the enjoyment and success of your fly fishing journey in Tasmania.

With so many trout fishing destinations, it can often be difficult for anglers new to Tasmania to decipher where is best at different times of the year.

A trout fishing guide can assist you with the right location, gear selection and weather/water conditions to look for to successfully fly fish in Tasmania.

Where are the best fishing spots near Hobart?

Hobart, being the capital of Tasmania, is a popular spot for many travelling trout fishers. Areas such as the Derwent Valley region, the Derwent River system and the Coal Valley region are popular destinations for trout fly fishers. You can check our our dedicated blog post for more of the best fishing spots around Hobart.

Where are the best fishing spots near Launceston?

Launceston is situated amongst some major river systems which hold some fantastic trout fly fishing opportunities.

Rivers and streams such as the Mersey River, Meander River, Brumby’s Creek, South Esk River and the Macquarie River all provide great fly fishing prospects throughout the trout fishing season.

You can read about these trout fisheries in detail in our blog post Trout Fishing Locations near Launceston.

When does the Tasmanian trout fishing season open?

The main trout fishing season runs from August until April each year and we have a wide range of fly fishing options available throughout this time. Early season fly fishing in Tasmania can be a great experience and wet fly fishing can be extremely effective on many of our lakes.

We've written a specific blog post on the current trout fly fishing season in Tasmania, and if you're ready to start your next Trout Tale - we have fly fishing packages available year round in Tasmania.

Where are the best fishing spots in Tasmania’s Central Highlands?

The Central Highlands of Tasmania is home to Tasmania’s famous trout fishing lakes and boasts some of the best trout fly fishing found anywhere in the world.

Lakes and lagoons recognised by anglers worldwide such as Great Lake, Arthur’s Lake, Little Pine Lagoon, Penstock Lagoon, Woods Lake and Nineteen Lagoons all hold fantastic fly fishing options. As the host to the 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships, the Central Highlands of Tasmania is on the bucket list for many fly fisherman.

You can read about these trout fisheries in detail in our blog post Trout Fishing Locations near Central Highlands.

What are the top flies to use in Tasmania?

For dry flies a selection of mayfly imitations such as Possum Emergers as well as other general flies such as Red Tags and Royal Wolfs is a good start. Whilst wet flies such as Woolly Buggers and Streamers are consistently productive.

Do I need a license to fly fish in Tasmania?

A fly fishing license is required.

The Inland Fisheries Service requires all anglers wanting to fish any public trout waters to hold a current angling license. Licenses can be purchased online through the IFS website, over the phone and in some fishing shops throughout Tasmania.

I’m a beginner to trout fly fishing – what do I need to know?

Fly fishing can be a daunting prospect for those starting out with so many different elements to consider.

Investing in a guide or spending time with an experienced fly fisher can be the highly valuable to establishing a fly fishing career. Get in touch with Matt and Trout Tales - we're always happy to help new anglers in their journey!

How much do your trout fly fishing packages cost?

Our unique and all-inclusive trout fly fishing packages in Tasmania start from $600 for an individual angler, but also accommodate couples and groups from as little as $800. For more information, visit our Trout Fly Fishing Packages page.

Do you offer a discount on fishing gear?

We do! Clients and friends of Trout Tales can use the code "TT10" at Hurleys Fly Fishing Australia and to receive a further 10% discount on your order. You can learn more on our dedicated blog post on our Hurley's fishing gear special code.

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