Tasmanian Trout Fishing Season Opening 2021

August 9, 2021

The opening of the 2021/22 trout fishing season in Tasmania brought cold and wet weather and plenty of trout fly fishing opportunities in the Tassie Highlands.

Tasmania's trout fishing season runs from the first weekend in August until the last weekend in April.

This opening weekend of the season is always  greatly anticipated by all trout fly fishing enthusiasts.

How were the opening trout fly fishing conditions in 2021?

Typical early season weather conditions prevailed, with temperatures dropping to -8 overnight and solid southerly winds bringing cold and wet conditions throughout the day.

These conditions deter many trout fisherman, however it was great to still see many committed anglers out fly fishing in the Central Highlands.

We headed out onto Arthur's Lake mid-morning and drifted over some usually productive weed beds in the boat. Shortly after we had the first trout of the new season in the net and began searching for the next.

After a couple more takes we were satisfied with our opening day efforts and we headed back to shore when another snow shower started to pass over.

What to expect for the early trout fishing season?

Early season fly fishing in Tasmania can be a great experience and wet fly fishing can be extremely effective on many of our lakes.

Whilst many fly fishing anglers still await the much sort after dry fly fishing experienced in the warmer months, there are some great days of fly fishing in Tasmania to be had in the cooler months.

Planning your fly fishing trip in Tasmania

There is no question that weather is the biggest impacting factor when fly fishing in Tasmania, and with this in mind, we've written a dedicated blog post on "Planning Your Trout Fly Fishing Adventure".

Our dedicated guide contains information on weather, fishing information and some handy angler notes for all seasons through out the year.

Tasmanian Trout Fishing Season Opening 2021

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