Trout Fishing near Hobart

April 20, 2020

Being the capital of Tasmania and one of the main arrival points for many travelling trout fishers, it is lucky that there is fantastic trout fly fishing near Hobart with a wide variety of small streams, rivers and lakes nearby.

Tasmania presents the a great opportunity for trout fly fishing while being completely immersed in stunning, wild landscapes that are within a short distance of our cities, including Hobart.

Many of these stunning locations are home to world-class fly fishing opportunities, and through our experience, Trout Tales Tasmania has compiled a quick list of some of the best trout fly fishing locations near Hobart.

Some of our favourite trout fly fishing locations near Hobart include:

Derwent Valley Region

The Derwent Valley is located approximately 45 minutes from Hobart. The Tyenna, Styx and Plenty rivers offer fantastic sport throughout the season, particularly during late summer and autumn when water levels are low and fish rise willingly to dry flies.

More information for trout fly fishing around the Derwent Valley Region is available at:

Derwent River System

Hobart’s largest estuary system is the Derwent River, which offers a wide variety of fishing methods and different species of fish. Sea run trout are common and reach an impressive size after coming into the system.

More information for trout fly fishing around the Derwent river system is available at:

Coal Valley Region

Another great option for trout fishing near Hobart is the Coal Valley, located only 30 minutes from Hobart. The best location here is the Coal River and Craigbourne dam. This area produces some great fish each season and can be fished easily from the shore for a relaxed day out.

More information for trout fly fishing around the Coal Valley Region is available at:

Want to know more about trout fly fishing near Hobart?

Through his wealth of experience over 15-years, Trout Tales Tasmania founder Matt Stone has accumulated a deep knowledge of fly fishing across the state, but also a respect for how stunning Tasmania is to experience.

If you're after more information on fly fishing locations near Hobart, feel free to get in touch with Matt - or if you're after an all-inclusive, unique and highly personalised guided fly fishing adventure, check out our fly fishing packages today.

Trout Fishing near Hobart

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