Fly Fishing at Arthurs Lake in Tasmania

Get the full run down of fly fishing at Arthurs Lake, Tasmania, including angler insights and our popular video overview.

Nestled in the stunning Central Highlands of Tasmania, a couple of hours from Hobart, Arthur's Lake is a premier destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. With its significant role in hydroelectric power generation, Arthur's Lake has become one of Tasmania's most popular trout fisheries, boasting a stable population of wild brown trout.

"Arthur's Lake is an incredibly diverse fishery, offering a range of different bays, various depths of water, and some timbered areas. Today, we're going to focus on the weed beds, particularly in some of the shallower bays, which can produce some really good wet fly fishing early in the season." - Matt

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Key Attractions for Fly Fishers

Consistent Fly-Fishing Opportunities: Arthur's Lake is renowned for fly fishing opportunities throughout the trout fishing season. Early in the season, from August -November when lake levels are at their peak, trout will push into flooded grassy bays in search of food. This produces some fantastic wet fly fishing opportunities for the shore based angler. As the season progresses, loch style fishing with a range of different flies is very effective and large bags of fish can be expected in the right weather conditions.

Resilient Fishery: Despite fluctuations in water levels that have recently impacted mayfly fishing, the lake's vast area and self sustaining trout population still provides some of the best fly fishing available in Tasmania.

Unique Hydro-Controlled Environment: The management of water levels by Hydro Tasmania introduces a distinctive dynamic to the fishing experience, offering a blend of challenges and opportunities for fly fishers.

Prime Seasons for Target Species

In recent years, the best months for fly fishing at Arthur's Lake have been early season, from August - December, and late season, March - April.

Getting There & Exploring Arthur’s Lake

By Road: Arthur's Lake is accessible via the B51 from Poatina in the North or the A5 from the South, making it an easy drive for those coming from various parts of Tasmania.

Shore Access: The lake offers excellent facilities for boat launching and camping, ideal for anglers planning both day trips and extended stays. Its high altitude and open exposure, however, mean that visitors should be prepared for quickly changing weather conditions.

Boat Fishing: Equipped with good amenities for boating enthusiasts, Arthur's Lake supports a range of fishing activities. Its accessibility and the diversity of fishable areas ensure it remains a favoured spot among fly fishers.

Arthur's Lake is subject to sudden and severe weather shifts, leading to potentially rough and dangerous conditions without much notice. In times of low water levels, the lake's depth can significantly decrease, revealing numerous submerged obstacles that pose navigation risks.

Boaters are advised to adhere to a 5-knot speed limit in the vicinity north of the transmission lines crossing Cow Paddock Bay, as well as within restricted zones: 30 metres from the Arthur's Lake Dam and Pump House, and 50 metres from the Arthur's Lake Spillway, to ensure safe navigation.

To minimise environmental impact and preserve the lake's ecosystem, it's crucial to practice cautious boating. This includes gentle acceleration in shallow areas to prevent the propeller's wash from stirring up the lake bed. Such actions can cloud the water, harm the delicate balance of weed beds, cover aquatic plants in sediment, and ultimately, harm the habitat of fish and other aquatic life.


To Conclude

Arthur's Lake, with its stunning landscapes, diverse fishing environments, and excellent facilities, stands as a testament to Tasmania's rich angling heritage. Whether you're navigating its waters by boat or casting from its shores, the lake offers an unparalleled fly-fishing experience. Its blend of accessibility and challenge invites anglers of all levels to explore and enjoy the trout fishing opportunities it presents, making it a must-visit destination in the heart of Tasmania's Central Highlands.

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