Fly Fishing Tours Near Hobart

Trout Tales Tasmania provides personalised tours for visitors who want to experience fly fishing near Hobart

As the capital of Tasmania and the main arrival points for visitors, there is some fantastic trout fly fishing near Hobart with Trout Tales providing personalised fishing packages.

Fly fishing near Hobart offers many unique experiences to visitors, mainly due to the range of fly fishing locations available within a 1 - 1.5 hour drive.

Most of the best fly fishing spots near Hobart are well known for their location amongst spectacular highland lake landscapes, meandering lowland streams and untouched wilderness.

Tasmania as a whole boasts world-class fly fishing areas, and fly fishing near Hobart is no exception to this - with our all-inclusive tours also providing the opportunity to enrich your experience by incorporating delicious local cuisine and a variety of accommodation options​ into your trip.

What are the highlights of fly fishing near Hobart? 

Particular highlights of fly fishing near Hobart include: 

  • a range of fishing locations
  • opportunities throughout the trout fishing season
  • diverse water types and techniques
  • experience other activities and things to do in the area

The greater Hobart area offers diverse range of fishing spots, including the Derwent River System, 28 Gates Farm Stay and Private Fishery and the Central Highlands region.

All of these locations provide vast trout fishing opportunities through out the Tasmanian fly fishing season, ranging from river and stream fishing to exploring larger lakes and lagoons, and provide excellent fishing for both new and experienced anglers.

The time of year is often a determining factor of techniques used and water types fished. Rivers in the Derwent Valley are a great example of this, with excellent nymph fishing on offer when water levels are high, and dry fly fishing a feature as water levels drop.

Learn more: Our feature video on the best tips and locations for river fishing in Tasmania.

Places such as 28 Gates and the Central Highlands not only offer stunning backdrops, but also the rare opportunity to sight fish for trophy sized trout which can often be found cruising along the shallow banks and can provide visitors with a very memorable fishing experience.

Along with fantastic fishing, Hobart is filled with other activities from MONA to Salamanca Market as well as the Port Arthur Historic Site. Our blog post on places to visit in Tasmania is a good place to start discovering what attractions and tourist adventures you can get up to while in the state.

What are the best fly fishing spots near Hobart? 

With a range of fly fishing spots within close proximity to the Hobart CBD and surrounds, some of the best fly fishing spots near Hobart include: 

To learn more about each of these spots, head over to our dedicated blog posts detailing each of these fly fishing spots near Hobart.

All-inclusive, Guided Fly Fishing Tour Packages In Hobart

With many guides and fly fishing tours on offer, choosing an experienced and local Tasmanian fishing guide can make the world of difference for your fly fishing trip to Hobart.

Trout Tales Tasmania offer personalised guided fishing packages for anglers of all experience levels, providing a wealth of local knowledge and support to help get the most out of your fly fishing experience.

Our all-inclusive multi-day fishing packages include everything you need to visit the state and jump straight into the fishing action including accommodation, meals, and transport - allowing for a hassle-free experience where everything is taken care of - so you can focus purely on enjoying your fishing​!

If you're interested in booking a fly fishing tour in Hobart, visit our fishing packages page to see what suits your timeframes and then book now via our online enquiry form.

As always, we're here to help - so if you've got any questions feel free to get in touch with Matt via the contact page or Trout Tales on Instagram and Trout Tales on Facebook.

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