Fly Fishing Tours Near Central Highlands Tasmania

Experience some of the best fly fishing in Tasmania on your all-inclusive fly fishing trip in the Central Highlands.

As one of the most popular destinations for visiting anglers, Tassie's Central Highlands offers a wealth of fly fishing opportunities.

Trout Tales Tasmania introduces you to the extraordinary fly fishing experience near the Central Highlands. As one of the most sought-after destinations in Tasmania, the Central Highlands offers a plethora of fishing opportunities, surrounded by untouched wilderness and serene landscapes. 

Fly fishing in the Central Highlands of Tasmania has a rich history and tradition, so it’s no surprise that the region has become a focal point for anglers from around the world who are eager to experience the thrill of catching wild trout in its pristine waters.

A Brief History of Fly Fishing in the Central Highlands

The Central Highlands of Tasmania is a region is not only known for its breathtaking landscapes and excellent fishing, but also for its rich history.

Hydro Developments: The Central Highlands witnessed early power developments by Hydro Tasmania. These developments led to the establishment of communities of workers who were employed in construction. Many of these communities were migrants to Australia and one such community was Tarraleah, established in 1934, which played a significant role in the Upper Derwent Power Development. The part of Tarraleah known as Ticklebelly Flat, the area of the married quarters of the community, has become a part of Hydro history.

Fly Fishing Legacy: The Central Highlands of Tasmania are renowned for their trout fishing lakes, boasting some of the best trout fly fishing found anywhere in the world. The region played host to the 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships, further cementing its reputation in the global fly fishing community. 

What are the highlights of fly fishing near Central Highlands?

Fly fishing in the Central Highlands is an unparalleled experience, offering anglers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the pristine waters and breathtaking landscapes of the region. The Central Highlands of Tasmania are renowned for the diversity of trout fishing options also, with each offering a unique adventure that can cater for both novice and experienced anglers.

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What are the best fly fishing spots near Central Highlands?

The Central Highlands boast a plethora of fishing locations, each with its unique charm. Some of the most popular spots include:

Great Lake: Nestled near the village of Miena, this expansive lake offers a special focus on advanced fly fishing techniques, especially ‘shark fishing,’ where fish are sighted from the boat rising in the wind lanes.

Arthur's Lake: A well-known fly fishing destination, it holds an incredible population of wild brown trout. As the weather warms, Arthur's has historically produced some of the best dry fly fishing in the Central Highlands.

Little Pine Lagoon: Known as ‘The Pine’ by locals, this shallow lagoon is known for tailing fish early in the season when water levels are higher.

Ideal Duration for Fly Fishing in the Central Highlands

The Central Highlands offers a diverse range of fly fishing experiences, and the ideal duration for a trip can vary based on individual preferences. For those looking to get a taste of fly fishing in Tasmania, single-day trout fly fishing packages are available. However, for the best way to fully immerse yourself in the area, multi-day packages ranging from two to five days or more are recommended [link]. These packages allow anglers to explore a variety of locations, techniques, and truly experience the beauty of the Central Highlands.

Explore our range of fly fishing packages to find the perfect fit for your adventure.

What's Included in Our Central Highlands Tours?

When you book a fly fishing tour with Trout Tales Tasmania, you're in for a comprehensive experience. Our packages include:

  • Transport to and from the Hobart, Bothwell, or Miena areas.
  • Use of premium quality Stalker Fly Fishing rods, reels, breathable waders, boots, and all other gear required for your trip.
  • Access to private properties, providing exclusive fly fishing opportunities.
  • Chef-prepared lunches and refreshments featuring local Tasmanian produce.
  • Experienced, accredited, and insured TGALT fly fishing Guides.
  • For multi-day trips - Lodge or cabin-style accommodation, including meals and drinks.


Q: Do I need prior experience to go fly fishing in the Central Highlands? A: No, our tours cater to anglers of all experience levels. Our experienced guides will provide all the necessary training and guidance.

Q: What is the best time of year to go fly fishing in the Central Highlands? A: The trout season in the Central Highlands runs from August to April, making these months ideal for fly fishing.

Q: Are all fishing equipment and gear provided? A: Yes, our packages include all the necessary fishing equipment and gear. However, if you have personal fly-fishing equipment, you're welcome to bring it along.

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