The best places to fly fish for trout in Tasmania (2024)

January 1, 2024

Learn more about the best fly fishing spots in Tasmania and experience catching brown and rainbow trout in one of the most pristine fishing destinations in the world.

The best places to fly fish for trout in Tasmania (2024)

What's the best thing about trout fly fishing in Tasmania in 2024?

When it comes to fly fishing locations around the world, it's not hard to see why Tasmania is a popular destination with anglers visiting the state.

Trout fishing in Tasmania presents anglers with an abundance of settings - from endless lakes to flowing rivers and streams, all of which present plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in picturesque locations and stunning backdrops that make for a unique fly fishing experience.

Many of the top trout fishing spots are easily accessible from the capital city of Hobart or only a short drive if you're flying into other main destination points such as Launceston or Devonport.

While a lot of Tasmania's trout fishing is lake based, a key feature of fishing in the state is the diversity of fly fishing locations and options within close reach each location.

The Tasmanian trout fishing season, as well as weather, are two important considerations when choosing where to fish - not to mention the type of fly fishing you're seeking such as sight fishing in clear streams or searching for large brown and rainbow trout in expansive lakes; either way, Tasmania has it all.

Whether you’re a beginner to fly fishing or an experienced angler visiting Tasmania for a trout fishing experience, it can be difficult to know how or where to begin.

In this post, we provide an overview of the best places to fly fish in Tasmania as well map locations to help you find your way and as some quick tips on how to prepare for your fishing trip to the state...

The best trout fishing locations in Tasmania

#1 Great Lake / yingina (Central Highlands)

Great Lake / yingina is one of Tasmania's most well known and popular fly fishing destinations.

This is with good reason as it isone of Australia's largest natural freshwater lakes and with its location close to Miena - the popular accommodation base to fish the entire Tasmania's Central Highlands region.

Early in the Tasmanian trout fishing season provides excellent for wet fly fishing and blind casting at Great Lake, with woolly buggers and small fur flies popular choices.

Other highlights include midge fishing when mornings are warmer and calm and the infamous 'shark fishing' to trout rising in wind lanes; all providing good chances of catching well sized wild brown trout as well as rainbow trout.

View Google Maps Location: Great Lake / yingina
man standing on boat in red jacket fishing for trout at great lake tasmania
Fly fishing at Great Lake is highlight of visiting Tasmania.

#2 Penstock Lagoon (Central Highlands)

Another well known fly fishing spot in the Central Highlands area is Penstock Lagoon.

A key feature of Penstock is its easy access and consistent fishing for trout, offering a diverse range of entry points to the water from around most of the lagoon.

The shallow and weedy fly fishing conditions offer a range of habitat for trout, where early in the trout fishing season water levels are higher and trout fishing with wet flies from both boat or shore are productive. As the weather warms, the lagoon sees prolific hatches of mayfly, providing some of the most exciting dry fly fishing in Tasmania.

Penstock Lagoon is also reserved as a fly fishing only lake, making it one of the most consistent and best fly fishing locations in Tasmania.

View Google Maps Location: Penstock Lagoon

#3 Little Pine Lagoon (Central Highlands)

Much like Penstock, Little Pine Lagoon is a fantastic fly fishing only option in the Central Highlands.

Providing consistent wet and dry fly fishing opportunities - Little Pine also has easy access and sustains a large population of wild brown trout; with fish of all sizes.

Little Pine is a well known area to find tailing fish early in the Tasmanian fishing season, while also providing prolific mayfly hatches during the warmer months which is a highlight.

Loch style fly fishing is popular here, with a variety of fly patterns to suit what conditions the day presents. Wet fly fishing is productive through out the season with dry fly fishing more successful after November.

View Google Maps Location: Little Pine Lagoon

man holding brown trout while fishing at little pine lagoon tasmania
A typical Little Pine brown trout landed whilst fishing 'loch style' from the boat.

#4 The Tyenna River (Hobart)

Located close to the capital of Tasmania in Hobart, the Tyenna River offers some of the best river trout fishing in Tasmania surrounded by impressive backdrops.

Located approximately one hour from Hobart, the entire valley contains rolling green farmland as well as tall forested areas - with fly fishing conditions particularly good during late summer and autumn as water levels get lower.

Nymphing is extremely effective when water levels are high, whilst dry fly fishing can prove successful during the warmer months as water levels drop and fish rise more willingly. If you're after a fishing day trip from Hobart, the Tyenna River is a popular stop for your travels.

View Google Maps Location: Tyenna River

#5 Meander River (Northern Tasmania)

Located in the north of Tasmania, the Meander River is a smaller river surrounded by lush vegetation, picturesque state forest and farm land.

For those based in the Central Highlands regions, such as Miena, travel to the Meander River usually only takes around an hour and provides a nice change from the bigger lakes in central Tasmania.

The river is usually broken up into areas above and below the dam at Lake Huntsman, with sections above usually fast and clear while areas below show predominantly longer and shallower runs which is slightly more appealing from a fly fishing perspective.

The Meander River is known for producing excellent fishing throughout the season, with regular hatches of mayfly, damselfly, caddis and grasshoppers. With a good population of both brown trout and rainbow trout, finding fish willing to take dry flies and nymphs will provide good numbers of fish.

Fly fishing on the Meander River can provide some challenging conditions given the fast-flowing nature and surrounding boulders and rocks which can make for some tricky casting and wading, however the fishing is well worth it with plenty of good sized trout residing in the river.

If you're planning to fly fish on the Meander River, it's a good idea to book a guide to learn about the best fishing spots and techniques as with the right knowledge and equipment, you can have a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

View Google Maps Location: Meander River

male hand holding brown trout in water
When visiting northern Tasmania, the Meander River is a great fishing spot.

Extra spot: Wood's Lake (Central Highlands)

Trout Tales owner Matt also wanted to give a mention to Woods Lake, another popular fishing location in the Central Highlands of Tasmania.

"To be honest, my favourite location for fishing in Tasmania is actually wherever the fly fishing is best at the time," Matt said, "however the drive down into Woods Lake is pretty spectacular."

Woods Lake is located south of Arthurs Lake and one of it's primary features is that it accommodates all style of trout fishing.

There's a few fishing spots around the lake which make for more sheltered trout fishing while you take in the sights and sounds of one of Tasmania's more picturesque fly fishing areas.

View Google Maps Location: Woods Lake

Woods Lake in Tasmania's Central Highlands offers a stunning fishing backdrop.

Quick tips for your fishing trip to Tasmania

If you're visiting Tasmania for a fly fishing trip - here's some quick tips from Matt to ensure success when navigating the best trout fishing spots:

  1. Bring a good range of flies.
  2. Have plenty of warm and waterproof gear.
  3. Be prepared to fish to a range of conditions.
  4. Consider different fishing methods and techniques.
  5. Plan for changes in weather.
  6. Engage a guide.

Don't forget however that booking your tour with Trout Tales also gives you access to a premium range of fly fishing gear, as well as transport, accommodation and a local fishing guide.

Engaging a fly fishing guide in Tasmania can be a great way to get the inside knowledge on what fishing spots are currently proving success and an intimate experience of each location.

Ready to experience fly fishing in Tasmania?

Matt and the team at Trout Tales are experienced fishing guides in Tasmania, bringing a wealth of knowledge and understanding of what is required to successfully fish for rainbow trout and brown trout in the state. We recommend getting in touch with a guide before starting your trip so you don't spend time and effort in areas that may not be currently fishing well.

If you're visiting and want to get the most out of your trip, check out our trout fishing packages in Tasmania and book your fly fishing trip with Trout Tales - it's the best way to experience fishing in Tasmania among some of the most pristine and rugged settings you can imagine.

Happy fishing!

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