Loch Style Fly Fishing in Tasmania

August 30, 2021

With the trout fly fishing season underway in Tasmania, we explore loch style trout fishing and what this means.

Early season loch style fly fishing in Tasmania can be an extremely effective way to target hungry trout in search of baitfish, galaxia, frogs, tadpoles and other swimming aquatic prey.

Loch style fly fishing involves casting from a drifting boat, fishing downwind in order to always be covering new water and allowing you to fish a range of depths and locations on a lake.

Fishing with a single fly can produce good results, however this style of fishing really lends itself to fishing teams of flies in wet, dry and nymph patterns. This allows the size, colour and depths to be varied, therefore targeting more trout and increasing the probability of covering more fish throughout the day.

Another important aspect of loch style fly fishing and trout fly fishing in general, is location. Successful anglers will use features of a lake to give clues on where fish are likely to be. Bottom structure, wind, depth, weed profiles, likely food sources and knowledge of favourable trout habitat will greatly increase your chances.

A typical set up we use for this style of fly fishing in Tasmania early in the season (August – October) includes a 6wt 10ft rod and intermediate sinking lines in DI3, 5 and 7 sink rates. Leader set up is generally 8ft of 4Xtapered leader to the first fly, then 10ft of 4X fluorocarbon with 2 more flies spaced 5ft apart. Popular flies at this stage of the season include Woolly Buggers, Shreks, McGoos and other streamer variations.

If you would like to learn more about this fly fishing method or have any other questions about trout fly fishing in Hobart and across Tasmania, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to help - or you can book your next fly fishing adventure with Trout Tales Tasmania today!

Loch Style Fly Fishing in Tasmania

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