Our Mega Recap Of The 2023/24 Tasmanian Fly Fishing Season

April 17, 2024

Join with Matt as we recap the 2023/24 fly fishing season in Tasmania, including highlights, lessons learnt and outlooks for next season.

Our Mega Recap Of The 2023/24 Tasmanian Fly Fishing Season

As the 2023-24 fly fishing season in Tasmania comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to look back at some of the unforgettable experiences and successes we've shared with our clients. 

From the early season’s promising starts to some of the challenges brought by the weather, it’s fair to say this season has been one for the books. 

In particular, we’d mark the fly fishing season this year as one of a journey of discovery - and most importantly, some exceptional fly fishing opportunities. 

Areas like Arthurs Lake and Herne Lagoon emerged as the season’s early jewels, while Bronte Lagoon, Penstock and Pine Tier offered unique fantastic fishing as the season progressed, particularly for both seasoned anglers and newcomers. 

Bronte Lagoon in particular, produced some of the best and most consistent dry fly fishing of recent years, and became a haven for those seeking consistent sight fishing, while Herne Lagoon, slightly more remote, offered an exclusive experience for those looking to escape the crowds and experience some exceptional fishing throughout the season.

These locations proved to be the season's standouts, each offering a unique blend of challenge and beauty that defines Tasmanian fly fishing.

2023/24 fly fishing season in Tasmania highlights

Exclusive Access At Herne Lagoon

Our access to Herne Lagoon definitely helped set this season apart, providing an unparalleled fly-fishing experience that became a highlight for many of our multi-day trip participants

This exclusive access allowed our clients to explore one of Tasmania's hidden gems, where the consistent trout populations offered what really were unmatched fishing opportunities. 

The seclusion of Herne Lagoon meant that our clients also enjoyed a sense of privacy and intimacy with nature that is increasingly rare, with regular wombat sightings on offer - making each catch more memorable.

 River Adventures Were Excellent in 2023/24

Areas like Tyenna River continued to be a standout for anglers seeking the thrill of river fishing. Its consistent flow and healthy trout population made it a reliable choice throughout the season. 

However, something new this season was a sense of adventure that led us to explore new waters, unlocking hidden spots and gaining access to rivers and streams previously untapped.

Excitingly, these explorations added a layer of excitement to our trips - particularly as we look to the 2024/25 season and offering our clients the chance to be among the first to cast their lines in these fresh waters. 

Matt said, “When it came to the rivers this season, the Tyenna was consistently good, as usual and which is what we’ve come to expect.”

“Areas like the Shannon River up here in the Central Highlands were a little bit low which didn’t make it for a viable fishing opportunity later in the season, but still produced some good fishing early on when water levels were higher.”

The discovery of new river fly fishing areas not only enriched our offerings but also contributed to our understanding and appreciation of Tasmania's diverse aquatic ecosystems.

Adapting to Challenges Was Important This Season

Local anglers in Tasmania would know that this season was marked by particularly windy conditions, testing our adaptability and resilience. 

The wind, while a challenge, taught us the importance of local knowledge in selecting the best fishing spots.

As shown on some of our recent Tales From The Fly fly fishing in Tasmania videos, areas like Bronte Lagoon and Penstock Lagoon became our sanctuaries, offering shelter and more manageable conditions for fly fishing. 

This experience underscored the value of having a seasoned Tasmanian fly fishing guide, someone who knows the landscape intimately and can navigate its challenges, ensuring that every fishing trip is rewarding, regardless of the weather.

Community Growth and Welcoming New Anglers

Perhaps the most heart-warming aspect of this season was the growth of our Trout Tales community. 

Welcoming new anglers to our Tasmanian fly fishing tours and building relationships for the future has always been a cornerstone of our philosophy at Trout Tales Tasmania. 

This season, we saw an influx of newcomers, each bringing their enthusiasm and love for fly fishing. As we fostered these relationships, we not only shared our passion for fly fishing but also created a wider community who are united by their love for fly fishing in Tasmania (LINK - homepage).

Matt said, “In addition to our regular clients coming back in 2023 and early 2024, it was great to welcome new anglers on our tours as well as build some relationships for the future - which is exciting as we look forward to seeing all of those new anglers back next season for another great trip here in Tassie’s Central Highlands or around the state.”

Overall, each of these elements—exceptional locations, exclusive access, river adventures, adaptability to challenges, and community growth—wove together to create a fly fishing season in Tasmania that was incredibly memorable. 

As we reflect on the season past and look forward to the next, we carry with us plenty of lessons and stories that make fly fishing in Tasmania an unparalleled experience.

A break down of the 2023/24 Tasmanian fly fishing season

Plenty Of Early Promise

The season kicked off with revisits to cherished waters like Arthur's Lake and Woods Lake, setting a positive tone. However, as the weather warmed, some lakes presented challenges, while others, like Bronte Lagoon and Hearn Lagoon, emerged as consistent hotspots for quality fishing. This variability underscored the dynamic nature of fly fishing in Tasmania, where each day brings a new adventure.

Exclusive Gems Proved Fruitful

Having access to Herne Lagoon was a highlight, offering exceptional fishing that became a cornerstone of our multi-day trips. Meanwhile, the rivers, especially the Tyenna, continued to provide consistent fishing experiences while exploring new waters up north opened up exciting possibilities.

Adapting to the Winds of Change

The season's weather conditions brought challenges, but also lessons in adaptability. Fishing in lower elevation areas like Bronte Lagoon, and leveraging local knowledge to find sheltered spots, proved invaluable. This experience highlighted the advantage of guided fishing trips, where understanding the landscape can make all the difference.

Your Questions Answered:

What makes Tasmania a unique destination for fly fishing?

Tasmania’s unique appeal lies in its natural beauty, diverse bodies of water, and the quality of its trout fishing. Each location presents its own set of challenges and rewards, making every fishing trip a unique adventure. 

How does weather affect fly fishing in Tasmania?

Weather significantly influences fly fishing conditions in Tasmania, affecting everything from water levels and clarity to fish behaviour. Wind can make casting difficult and affect the water's surface, while rain can increase water levels and sometimes improve fishing conditions by bringing more food into the rivers and lakes. Sunny days might make fish more cautious and harder to catch. Understanding these patterns is crucial for successful fly fishing. Check out our blog post on how seasonal changes affect Tasmania’s trout behaviour.

What are the most successful fly patterns this season?

A: This season, the woolly buggers proved to be particularly effective for wet fly fishing, especially in the early parts of the season when fish were closer to the shores and around weed beds. As the season transitioned into the warmer months, the possum emerger and our newly introduced sedge hopper pattern stood out during the dry fly-fishing season. Check out Trout Tales online fly fishing store to purchase these and other great handmade flies. 

Conclusion: Looking Forward to Future Seasons.

The 2023-24 season has indeed been a testament to both the beauty and challenge of fly fishing in Tasmania. 

We’re still rounding off some client bookings in April, and while the season officially closes at the end of the month - areas like Herne still provide out of season fishing opportunities so if you’re visiting Tasmania, you can still book your fly fishing trip with Trout Tales.

We look forward with excitement to the next Tasmanian fly fishing season; armed with the lessons learned from 2023/24. 

Tight lines, Matt.

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Our Mega Recap Of The 2023/24 Tasmanian Fly Fishing Season

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