2023 Tasmanian Trout Fishing Season Opening: Recap

August 15, 2023

Recap the opening weekend of the 2023 trout fishing season in Tasmania with Trout Tales, with highlights from Little Pine Lagoon and the unique experiences of trout fishing in Tasmania's central highlands.

2023 Tasmanian Trout Fishing Season Opening: Recap

Every year, as the calendar flips to August, anglers from around Tasmania and beyond eagerly anticipate the opening of the trout fishing season Tasmania

As is pretty standard for us here at Trout Tales, we once again ventured into the central highlands of Tasmania to mark the opening of the 2023 season. 

The trout fishing season in Tasmania runs from the first Saturday of August until the last Sunday of April, offering a window of opportunity for enthusiasts to experience the thrill of the catch.

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Weather Conditions For Opening Weekend

With opening weekend renowned for harsh weather conditions, the forecast for this year promised a similar outlook, reminding anglers of the unpredictable nature of the trout fishing season Tasmania climate.

 As the morning mist over the central highlands began to clear, relatively clear days followed. Although the sun was welcomed, the low air temperatures and fairly constant breeze kept things cool when out on the water. Overnight temperatures dropping to -5 degrees also presented some early morning challenges.  

aerial drone shot of two boats in penstock lagoon
Mixed weather conditions provided a range of fly fishing conditions for opening weekend in Tasmania.

Highlight Location: Little Pine Lagoon 

This year, our trout fishing Tasmania adventures took us to Penstock Lagoon, Little Pine Lagoon, and Arthurs Lake. 

Among these, Little Pine Lagoon stood out as the star. With perfect conditions of a moderate breeze and overcast skies, the lake offered consistent fishing throughout the day of varied-sized fish. This consistency wasn’t quite the same across some of the other areas, definitely making Little Pine the highlight of our trip and a place to watch for our early season fishing trout fishing trips. 

matt in red life jacket holding large brown trout
Little Pine Lagoon provided some fantastic fishing conditions.

Changing Tactics for Changing Behaviour 

With colder water temperatures of winter remaining, the fish can be a little slower, likely trying to conserve their energy, and slow their feeding rate which called for a change in tactics. 

A slower retrieve of the fly almost immediately yielded better results, while more generally across the weekend we noticed the hang phase of the retrieve proved to be the most productive, emphasising the need for patience during early season fly fishing in Tasmania.

Other observations included trout feeding patterns to be somewhat sporadic. At Little Pine, for instance, there were moments when trout were caught in quick succession, while at Arthurs, a particular spot might yield a series of catches during one drift but none on the next.

Varying aspects such as depth, location, retrieve and fly selection often proved successful if things had been quiet for a period of time.

Nature's Surprise: Platypus at Arthurs Lake

A delightful surprise awaited us at Arthurs Lake – the sight of a platypus gliding through the waters. 

Watch the video in the player below:

This sighting, coupled with tales from fellow anglers who reported catching 5-7 fish from some of the main fly fishing areas, rounded out a great experience of opening weekend.

Looking Ahead: Adapting to the Season 

For us, boat fishing was the primary focus during the opening weekend, offering some respite from the cold and being a highly effective way to fish at this time of the year. The early signs however point to a promising trout fishing season Tasmania and a range of different techniques will soon be on offer.

Popular areas, such as Little Pine and Penstock, are expected to again produced excellent fishing. While the larger lakes like Great and Arthurs might require a tad more patience. Other lowland lakes and rivers will again be the go-to spots on windy or more challenging days in the highlands.

One invaluable tip that we took away from the weekend was the need for patience and also to adapt to changing conditions, whether that be weather or fish-related. Carrying this mantra across the rest of the season open promises to hold anglers in good stead for the season ahead.

matt stone standing on boat in red life jacket holding fishing rod
Boat fishing provided a welcome reprieve during colder winter in Tasmania conditions.

Experience Fly Fishing In Tasmania Firsthand 

For those keen to experience the thrill and serenity of trout fishing Tasmania, consider booking a guided fly fishing trip with Trout Tales, where you can dive into the heart of the action and witness the beauty of Tasmanian waters.

For more details and to book your trip, visit our fly fishing packages page or if you're after more insights and tips on trout fishing in Tasmania, check out our ultimate guide to the Tasmanian fly fishing season on the subject.

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