What We're Expecting As The 2023/24 Tasmanian Fly Fishing Season Wraps Up

February 23, 2024

Hear from Tasmanian trout fishing guide Matt who shares what he's expecting as the 2024 fly fishing season enters March and April.

What We're Expecting As The 2023/24 Tasmanian Fly Fishing Season Wraps Up

As the 2024 trout fishing season in Tasmania gradually draws to a close, we reflect on what has been an extraordinary summer, particularly for dry fly fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing among Tasmania's Central Highland lakes, such as Bronte Lagoon, Little Pine Lagoon, and Great Lake, have stood out, offering consistent and exceptional sight fishing opportunities.

These spots have seen trout rising eagerly to a variety of dry fly patterns, marking a season that will be remembered for its quality and the sheer joy it brought to many anglers.

Sizeable trout like this from early in the 2023/24 Tasmanian trout fishing season have been regular catches.

A summary of the 2024 Tasmanian fly fishing season so far:

Significant Catches: This season has truly stood out for its remarkable catches, providing anglers with the thrill of landing some of the most sizeable and vigorous trout in recent memory. The excitement of reeling in these strong fighters has been a consistent highlight, making each catch a rewarding experience.

Impact of Rainfall: The beneficial spring rainfall we've experienced over the past few seasons has been a boon for the trout population, creating the perfect conditions for spawning. This has led to a noticeable increase in both the size and the fight of the fish, making each outing more challenging and exciting for anglers.

Average Trout Size: Anglers hitting the waters this season have been pleasantly surprised by the average size of trout, commonly encountering fish in the 1-3lb range, with a significant number of catches tipping the scales at over 4lb. This increase in average size has added an extra layer of satisfaction to the fishing experience.

Effective Fly Patterns:  The success of possum emergers, guides tags, royal wulffs, and shaving brushes this season cannot be overstated. These patterns have proven to be exceptionally effective, closely mimicking the natural diet of the trout and triggering vigorous feeding responses. Their effectiveness has not only made them favourites among our clients but has also underscored the importance of choosing the right fly.

Popular fly patterns have proven to be incredibly effective across 2024 fly fishing in Tasmania.

What to expect as the season enters March and beyond?

As we move into the cooler months of March and April, the prospects for dry fly fishing remain bright.

Surprisingly, these months traditionally offer some of the best dry fly fishing opportunities of the year, with trout becoming less selective in their feeding habits as water temperatures begin to drop. Additionally, angling pressure decreases, making it an ideal time for those seeking a more serene fishing experience.

Fish tend to be less skittish around the shallow lake margins, providing excellent conditions for sight fishing.

Learn more in our dedicated blog post: Trout behaviour and Tasmania's climate.

Trout will be feeding heavily in preparation for their annual spawning run, making the lake edges prime spots for anglers. Targeting areas where fish migrate towards creek and river mouths can yield significant catches.

It's a time when the natural cycle of life in Tasmania's waters becomes especially evident, offering anglers a unique opportunity to witness and engage with this annual event.

March and April still provide some fantastic offerings for fly fishing in Tasmania.

Gear Recommendations

Throughout the season, the Stalker Legend rod and reel combo in 5 - 6wts has proven to be invaluable, offering the versatility needed to adapt to varying conditions and techniques. As we approach the end of the season, we continue to recommend these rods and reels for anyone looking to make the most of the remaining opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned angler or someone looking to capture the magic of Tasmania's trout season before it concludes, check out these great rods and reels in our online fly-fishing shop.

Looking for high quality fly fishing gear? Visit the Trout Tales online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions: End-of-Season Trout Fishing in Tasmania

What dry fly patterns have been most effective this season?

Possum emergers, guides tags, royal wulffs, and shaving brushes have been standout performers, attracting trout across various highland lakes due to their effective mimicry of the natural insect life.

How can I improve my chances of catching larger trout in the late season?

Focus on areas where trout are preparing for their spawning run, particularly around lake edges and near creek mouths. Using flies that match the late-season hatch and ensuring you're fishing during the optimal times of day, such as early morning or late afternoon, can also improve your chances.

Where should I focus my fishing efforts in the final months?

Highland lakes like Bronte Lagoon, Little Pine Lagoon, and Great Lake continue to be hotspots, but don't overlook the potential of rivers, especially as trout begin their migration towards spawning areas. Check out the video in the player below for our Bronte Lagoon Tales From The Fly feature.

Are there any special considerations for fly fishing as the season comes to a  close?

Yes, as the season winds down, it's important to be mindful of the spawning trout. Practice catch and release where possible, handle fish with care, and avoid fishing directly in spawning grounds to ensure the sustainability of Tasmania's trout populations.

Closing Thoughts:  Reflecting on a Season Well-Fished

The end of the 2024 trout fishing season in Tasmania is upon us, but the opportunities for memorable fishing experiences are far from over. With fish still rising to dry flies and the natural beauty of the highland lakes at its peak, the closing months offer a unique charm. Whether you're looking to land a trophy trout or simply soak in the tranquillity of Tasmania's pristine waters. As we bid farewell to another season, let's make these final casts count, embracing the end of what has been a truly phenomenal season.

On behalf of Trout Tales Tasmania, thank-you for your ongoing support and tight lines!

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