What To Expect From 2023 Trout Season Open in Tasmania

August 1, 2023

As we build up to the opening of the Tasmanian trout fishing season in 2023, Matt previews what's to come.

What To Expect From 2023 Trout Season Open in Tasmania

Each year, the opening of the trout fishing season in Tasmania brings great anticipation among the fishing community, as anglers from across the state get out for some much needed time on the water after a long winter at home.

With another opening weekend upon us, the time has come to study the weather forecast, dust off the waders, and formulate a plan of attack.

Helpful Video: Prepare your fly fishing gear ahead of the season open in Tasmania.

Here are our key things to consider for this weekend and the opening few weeks of the season:

Location, location, location

As is the case with most trout fishing trips in Tasmania, the most important choice you will make is location.

Early in the season, consider aspects such as;

  • Weather - this will often affect trout feeding behaviour and available food sources. Look for overcast, breezy days when lake fishing, and clear, calm days when river fishing.
  • Water levels - extremely important to finding active, feeding fish, particularly around the highland lakes. Look for high levels as this will bring the fish close to the edges as they hunt the flooded margins for food.  
  • Food sources - consider where food is likely to be. If you find the food, you will find the fish. Winter and spring sees spawning galaxia, whitebait and frogs at the top of the trout's menu. Look for areas with structure such as weed, rocks, logs and anywhere that creates good spawning habitat.

Fly selection

Although many fly fishers will have spent the last couple of months tying flies, a surprisingly small selection is needed for the opening weeks of the season. With the cold temperatures, wet flies will generally be most successful, and any fish looking to the surface won't be too fussy.

Our top picks for this weekend are;

  • MKII Woolly Bugger - for general searching around lake edges
  • Black Fur Fly - great for fish cruising and holding in shallow water
  • Guides Tag - perfect for tempting any tailing fish to look up!

Stay warm!

Opening weekend can be notorious for adverse weather patterns (and by the way, this year looks no different!). Being well prepared with the right clothing layers is critical for comfort, safety and fishing success as you will be able to spend more time out on the water looking for fish. Some items to consider to get the most out of your opening weekend are;

  • Layers - thermals, a mid layer of merino or similar, an insulated jacket and a good raincoat will keep you warm and dry.
  • Protect your extremities - bring a beanie, balaclava, thick socks and fingerless gloves.
  • Take breaks - if you start to feel cold, get out of the water and head back to the car for a quick coffee and warm up before getting back out there.

Other Resources:

If you're looking to really prepare for the upcoming fly fishing season in Tasmania, some other helpful resources include: 

Hope to see you all out there this weekend and tight lines! - Matt

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