Spring Trout Fishing in Tasmania

September 13, 2021

Spring has hit Tasmania and with it comes the familiar sound of frogs, one of the Tasmanian trout's favourite sources of food.

Although early spring does not generally produce a dramatic improvement in weather conditions, it does bring a few more warmer days and an increase in rainfall.

These factors are perfect conditions for many species of frogs found in Tasmania to begin their breeding season, which runs from September to January.

Of particular interest to the trout are the Tasmanian froglet, Common froglet and Eastern Banjo frog given their tendency to live in marshes and flooded weedy shorelines.

The trout are quick to turn their focus to chasing both frogs and tadpoles as they become more abundant in the lakes, and this produces some exciting fly fishing opportunities for both shored based and boat anglers. Casting small wet flies and watching large trout explode in shallow water as they ambush your fly is truly one of the most exhilarating forms of fly fishing in Tasmania.

Looking for areas with extensive marshes and/or shores where the elevated water levels have created flooded weedy banks is the perfect place to start when targeting these aggressive trout. Approach the area with caution and wade slowly as the trout will often be found very close to the bank, either cruising or waiting in ambush. If drifting in a boat or kayak, look for areas of submerged weed and shallow weedbeds that you can drift across slowly.

These trout are generally not fussy when it comes to fly selection as most small wet flies will imitate one of the species of frog or tadpole that they are feeding on. A good selection of small woolly buggers, fur flies and fuzzle buggers is usually all that is required.

Anglers with good casting accuracy will do well with this method, but with a few casting lessons, this is great way for beginners to get into fly fishing.

Spring Trout Fishing in Tasmania

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