Trout Tales launches Tasmanian online fly fishing store

February 26, 2024

We're thrilled to share our latest news with you all, the opening of the new Trout Tales Tasmania online fly fishing shop.

Trout Tales launches Tasmanian online fly fishing store

The launch of the online shop marks the beginning of another exciting chapter in our journey to bring the best of trout fishing in Tasmania right to your doorstep.

Over the course of the last 20 years, we've discovered what truly works when it comes to fly fishing in Tasmania. We've waded up hundreds of streams, covered the vast expanses of the highland lakes, experienced every imaginable weather condition and shared countless tales of the one that got away.

Now, through our online fly fishing store, we are excited to bring you all the gear that has stood the test of time and continues to produce remarkable results out on the water for us and our clients.

Some features of our fly fishing online shop include:

Local Hand-Tied Flies:

We're proud to offer an exclusive range of local hand-tied flies, crafted by local experts who share your passion for fly fishing. Each fly is a testament to the expertise and love for the sport, ensuring that what you're getting is not just any old fly, but a piece of art honed by experience and a deep understanding of fly fishing.

pink tag nymph sitting on table
Hand-tied local flies are available in the Trout Tales online fly fishing store.

Tried and Tested Stalker Gear:

Each and every product featured in our online fly fishing store has undergone rigorous trials and evaluations by our experienced guides and passionate fishing enthusiasts across the varied and rich fishing environments of Tasmania's lakes, lagoons, rivers and streams.

From the rushing rivers to serene lakes, our gear has been put to the test in every possible scenario to ensure its performance and reliability.

At Trout Tales, are committed to bringing you the best, including gear that's not just designed to meet your needs but to significantly elevate your fishing experiences when during your Tasmanian fly fishing experience.

This process guarantees that when you choose from our selection, you're equipped with tools that have been proven to enhance your success and enjoyment on the water.

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

Experience the ease of shopping with our selection of fly fishing essentials, all available from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're planning your next big trip or simply indulging in the dream of a day by the water, our online shop caters to your every need, day or night.

Open 24/7, our online store designed to fit into your busy schedule, allowing you to browse and purchase the best in fly fishing gear whenever the inspiration strikes. With detailed product descriptions, expert recommendations, and an intuitive shopping experience, we've made it easier than ever to prepare for your next adventure without stepping foot outside your door.

Our commitment to convenience means you spend less time shopping and more time enjoying the great outdoors and all Tassie has to offer.

Visit our online fly fishing store: 

We invite you to explore our new online shop at and discover our range, gear up, and get ready for your next trout fishing adventure - cheers to excellent fishing and tight lines!

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