Fly Fishing in Tasmania – 2023 Early Season Update

October 3, 2023

Read up on early season fly fishing in Tasmania for 2023, including updates from around the popular locations, what's fishing well and what we're expecting for the rest of the year.

Fly Fishing in Tasmania – 2023 Early Season Update

The fly fishing season in Tasmania has gotten off to a strong start, despite lower than average water falls due to reduced rainfall over winter and spring.

Fishing the lakes around the Central Highlands has produced particularly good results, with rivers and streams fishing well after periods of rain and snow melt providing increased flows.

The highland lakes have been full of some incredible fish to kick-off 2023, mostly caught on wet flies fished from both the shore and boat.

Read on to get our full run down of the early fly fishing season...

Early Season Thoughts

With the temperatures increasing recently and a warmer summer expected, we’ve had some great initial days of dry fly fishing on the lakes since September.

The fish have regularly been feeding on midge and other small insects in the morning and evening times, presenting good chances and it’s been nice to mix things up and throw a few dries at the rising fish.

This early season time of the year always gives us lots of fishing options, while the variety of different fishing spots and opportunity to try different techniques have made many anglers satisfied.

In particular for our fly fishing tours in Tasmania so far, access to private fisheries like Herne Lagoon have also been a big plus, leaving guests with some amazing days of fishing.

Never been to Herne Lagoon? Check out our Tales From The Fly episode feature of fly fishing at Herne.

Those who have experienced multi-day fly fishing tours have had enjoyable days on the water, particularly being able to change plans and locations depending on the weather.

Optimal fishing conditions in early 2023

Recent good rainfall and snow around the highlands have led to increased flows in many of the lowland rivers, creating optimal conditions for both dry fly and nymph fishing.

These conditions have allowed anglers to explore a diverse range of landscapes and have led to the discovery of numerous fishing hotspots.

Clients on Trout Tales fly fishing tours have enjoyed great moments thus far with large numbers of brown and rainbow trout in various sizes. The variety in trout behaviour and particularly the abundance in the early season have made each fishing expedition a unique experience.

Early season dry fly fishing

The predicted hot summer ahead and above-average temperatures have resulted in some great days of early dry fly fishing on the lakes.

The fish, often targeting midge and other small insects, have offered a diverse range of options and techniques, which in turn often leaves tour guests with some very memorable fishing experiences.

Expectations for the rest of the season

As we move deeper into the fly fishing season in Tasmania, the Central Highlands and its local lakes, along with well-known lowland rivers such as the Tyenna and Shannon Rivers, are all set to bring loads of great fishing opportunities.

The weather in these spots, along with early season indications, shapes up the rest of the year for some great fishing conditions.

The Tyenna River, famous for its clear waters and loads of trout, is expected to be a favourite place for those who are seeking the best fly fishing spots near Hobart. The river, with its variable flows and ideal trout habitat, is set to offer ideal conditions for both dry fly and nymph fishing.

The local lakes in the Central Highlands are looking in great shape to continue producing great results on both wet flies and dry flies as the weather warms up. 

We’ll more likely be targeting the likes of Little Pine, Penstock and Arthurs across the next few months due to their early season promise, with access to Herne providing a great alternative as well as the surrounding rivers and streams.

Love fishing videos? Check out episode three of Tales From The Fly featuring Little Pine Lagoon.

The weather, marked by higher-than-usual temperatures and the upcoming hot summer, is ready to bring some awesome days of early dry fly fishing on the lakes in late 2023 as well as early 2024.

During this time fish, going after midge and other tiny insects at the start and end of the day, will offer varied fishing chances and the beauty of the Central Highlands, will be the setting for these fishing trips in Tasmania (LINK).

Upcoming Workshops

We’re also focussing our attention on our upcoming Learn To Fly Fish in Tasmania workshops, where our experienced guides will share helpful tips, techniques, insight as well as and one-on-one advice.

These workshops are hands-on and are held in the beautiful 28 Gates Farmstay in the Derwent Valley, mixing learning with peace and quiet, and there’s a tasty lunch with local food from the 28 Gates farm.

For more info and to sign up for the upcoming workshops, check out Trout Tales Tasmania Workshops page.


In wrapping up, it’s clear this season's trout fishing in Tasmania has been a hit thus far.

Places like Arthur's Lake and Little Pine Lagoon have been buzzing with activity, and the upcoming workshops are shaping up to be a real treat for anyone keen to learn more about fly fishing. Both Central Highlands and lowland fishing locations are looking promising for the rest of the season, and with the summer heat on the way, it’s going to be a top time for early dry fly fishing on the lakes.

So, whether you’re an old hand or just starting out, there’s something for everyone in Tasmanian trout fishing this year!

If you’re looking to experience fly fishing in Tasmania get in touch with Matt and Trout Tales to book your Tasmanian fly fishing trip.

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